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Espanita TEQUILA Anejo

Espanita Anejo is aged for 18 months in small American oak casks previously used in Bourbon production. The result is the luxuriously smooth liquor rich in vanilla and caramel notes, which still retains its charming, honeyed flavors of slowly roasted Agave.

Espanita Anejo is designed to be sipped and savored. We recommend to use either a Glencairn whiskey glass or a stemmed brandy glass. Narrowed, tulip- shaped brim of the snifter allows you to immerse yourself in tequila’s delectable aromas in order to better appreciate the complex character of Espanita Anejo.

Bright light gold color. Mature, inviting aromas of citrus tree wood, eucalyptus, almond nougat and caraway, and carnation with a slightly chewy, crisp, fruity sweet medium-to-full body and a sleek, amusing, long thick honey and fresh grass, black tea and coconut flesh, banana and candy corn, and apple and peppermint finish. ( - Beverage Testing Institute)


Espanita Tequila

Espanita is produced by using traditional, ancestral methods from 100% Blue Agave at the family-owned craft distillery located at the Highlands of Jalisco. Artisanal production process results in authentic, agave-forward taste of Espanita tequila and its distinctive, nuanced flavors and aromas.


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