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Espanita Tequila pays homage to the historical juncture of culture and traditions of indigenous people of Mexico, centered around a much revered Agave plant, and innovative approaches to processing of fermented beverages introduced by Spanish people in 16th century. This crossroad gave us a magic of tequila that we love and enjoy today.

To produce Espanita, harvested agaves are slow-baked in traditional stone ovens called “hornos” for 72 hours. Cooking Blue Agave in masonry “horno” ovens adds delectable fruit, toasted sugar and cooked agave flavors to our tequila. Extracted juice is naturally fermented with proprietary strain of yeast for 5 to 7 days to ensure complex, rich taste. Espanita is then double distilled in small batches in traditional alembic pot stills.

Representing a pure expression of Blue Agave, Espanita Blanco is bottled fresh from the still, while Espanita Reposado and Espanita Anejo are aged to perfection in slightly charred ex-Bourbon American white oak casks for up to 6 and 18 months, respectively. The result is a trio of tequilas that would please the palate of the most demanding connoisseurs.

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Espanita Tequila

Espanita is produced by using traditional, ancestral methods from 100% Blue Agave at the family-owned craft distillery located at the Highlands of Jalisco. Artisanal production process results in authentic, agave-forward taste of Espanita tequila and its distinctive, nuanced flavors and aromas.


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